Toys to celebrate self-love on V-Day

Who says you need to have a significant other to celebrate V-Day? That's right; society does. Let's forget about these lame ass conventions and treat ourselves on Valentine's day with these self-love goodies!

Silicone dildos

A basic, high-quality silicone dildo is a must-have in every bedside table. They come in different shapes and colours and most of them have a suction cup. Pro tip: Take your suction cup dildo with you when going for a shower or bath. Check out the entire range of silicone dildos here.

ANTEROS Dildo - €39,95

Glass or steel dildos

Already owner of a silicone dildo? Time to try out a new kind of material. Glass and steel are fun materials to experiment with. They can provide enough pressure in case you're into G-spot or prostate orgasms and they can be cooled down or warmed up for a little extra. 

Anal toys

No better way to start with anal than by yourself. Start small and work your way up with an anal training set or spice up your masturbation sesh by leaving an anal toy plugged in while stimulating a different area of your body. 


If you're under the impression that lubricants are for old people and/or couples, it's time to change your mind. Lubricants are great, if not essential, for solo play. If you already knew that, this might be a good moment to try a different kind of lubricant than the one you're used to. Too much to choose? Pick one of Sliquid's Lube Cubes to try out a range of different lubes. 


The basic bitches amongst the solo play sex toys... Follow the hype by buying yourself an air pressure vibrator (the hype is real) or go for Doxy's wand vibrator that doubles up as a massage tool if you're in a generous mood.

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