My name is Tabita [she/they/him]. I am a sex toy enthusiast, lover of kinky stuff, non-monogamous queerdo and, last but not least, the founder of Bold Humans. Feeling the need for an adult store where me and likeminded folks can feel safe, I launched Bold Humans in March 2020. 

Bold Humans has been a work in progress ever since. Not a week passes by without me thinking about ways to make the world a more sex-positive place, to make your shopping experience better, to educate myself even more on sexual health. 

I would also love to hear about you. You can always contact me through e-mail or send me a dm @boldhumansadultstore. Let me know about your experiences here. Ask me anything about sexual health or the products listed in this webshop. I'd love to get in contact in you!



  1. Vegan: The choice to go vegan was only obvious out of respect for our environment and any living creature in it. Animal-friendly alternatives have been provided for products traditionally made of leather and health care products such as lubricants and condoms so you can enjoy some cruelty-free love.
  2. Genderinclusive: A person is not defined by their genitals. Therefore there's no such thing as a "vibrator for women" or "cock ring for men". Unfortunately not every brand has discovered the wonderfull world beyond the binary. If a sex toy claims to be for women or men, this can be very hurtful towards trans and non-binary people and can cause feelings of genderdysphoria. If a brand makes that kind of claim on their packaging, a trigger warning will be shown in the product description on Bold Humans.
  3. Body safe: Contrary to what you might expect, not every sex toy is safe to our health. There are still a lot of sex toys made using toxic and porous materials such as jelly rubber which is an inexpensive material that contains phthalates, a chemical that can affect the balance of hormones, can harm reproductive function and is linked to breast cancer and asthma. When choosing products for Bold Humans, I always take your health into account. Every sex toy listed here is made out of a bodysafe material such as silicone, glass or stainless steel, except for a couple of products that are not meant for internal usage. These products include cock rings, packers, strokers and masturbators. These products are usually made with a TPR blend because they need to be flexible. Click here to read more about TPR, sex toy materials and how to clean them.