An ethical online adult store where every human no matter gender or orientation can find a collection of carefully chosen sex toys, gender gear, health care products and wearables.



Vegan: The choice to go vegan was only obvious out of respect for our environment and any living creature in it. Animal-friendly alternatives have been provided for products traditionally made of leather and health care products such as lubricants and condoms so you can enjoy some cruelty-free love.

Ethically produced: It is generally known that many big corporations have factories in countries where the production costs are much cheaper and the working conditions are often poor according to our standards. More people are starting to get aware of the violations of human rights when it comes to items such as fast fashion. There is not a lot of information available about the working circumstances in factories making sex toys, but I guess we can assume it’s similar. By going local as much as possible or working together with brands being absolutely transparent about their production chain we increase our chances of buying guilt-free.

Genderneutral: Almost any product is suitable for any gender, just use your imagination. That's why there are no manuals on how to use a product, only recommendations, and there's no gender divide. 

Body safe: Contrary to what you might expect, not every sex toy is safe to our health. There are still a lot of sex toys made using toxic and porous materials such as jelly rubber which is an inexpensive material that contains phthalates, a chemical that can affect the balance of hormones, can harm reproductive function and is linked to breast cancer and asthma.

One of the safest materials in the wonderful world of sex toys these days is silicone, which is nonporous and hypoallergenic, prevents bacteria from retaining and spreading on the toy and is easy to clean. On top of that it’s very soft, resilient and it retains body heat.



Well hello there. I'm Tabita [she/her], founder of Bold Humans. In 2019 my interest in the ethics behind sex and attributes grew bigger. By digging into it a bit deeper, I realized the sex industry is still so far behind on the topics that our generation values. Never seeing myself as an entrepreneur (to use some fancy words), I still felt like it was somehow my responsibility to do something about it. What started out as a joke, turned into my bedroom packed with the most beautiful toys and eventually lead to Bold Humans, officially launched in January 2020.

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