''The perfect Valentine's Day with your lover(s) - A BoldHumans' Lovestory''

Skip the flowers and the chocolates please. Want to have a spicy Valentine's day? Continue reading to find out about our ideal V-Day scenario and the tools that go along with it.

Light up some candles, put on some music and give your loved one a massage to warm them up for what's about to come. Sliquid has massage oils that are vegan and cruelty-free. They're available with the scent of mandarin and basil, vanilla or unscented. 

All warmed up? Time to make sure your valentine stays close to you by using restraints. In the mood to stay in bed? Use a restraint system that you can fix to your bed. Sportsheets was the first one to create an under the bed restraint system that you can just shove underneath your matress. The straps are easy to adjust yet difficult to escape (tested and approved by yours truly). For a locally handmade alternative; check out Balancelle's bed cuffs

Not so much into staying still? Take your loved one for a walk with a leash or get creative with bondage tape.

All strapped up? Time to play! Colour your partner's butt cheeks as red as a V-day's flower bouquet by using a flogger or paddle. Choose a cruelty-free, faux leather one if you're new to this or go for Tantus' silicone paddles if you want some extra thud. 

After this steamy hot spanking sesh, you might feel like penetrating your partner or getting penetrated. Ofcourse your fingers, hands and penis make a perfect penetration tool. Not in the mood to use those bodyparts or lacking a penis? No worries, at BoldHumans we have plenty of them. Get yourself a silicone dildo with a base so you can use it in a harness or buy a harness kit if you don't feel like picking everything yourself.

Don't forget to use lube! Use waterbased lube if you're using silicone toys and silicone lube if there are no silicone toys involved and you want your lube to last a long time. 

Feel like your partner can go a little further? Make your play sesh more intense  with a hood or a gag

Enough of all of this? Aftercare-time! Hug. Kiss. Tell your partner how much you love them. Talk about the experience you just had. Drink some water. Breathe. Hug. Kiss.


Valentine's Day or not: always make sure to communicate before participating in any sexual activity. Check in with your partner multiple times while having sex. Use a safe word when practicing BDSM and agree on a sign that you'll use when you're not able to speak (for example, when you're wearing a gag). 

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